From metal curtain wall systems to metal roof and wall panels, the right systems can have a profound effect on a building’s overall performance.

Choosing the proper metal building enclosure system can have a major impact on a building. To understand what kind of implications this can have, one must first understand the differences in building enclosure systems.

The building enclosure (or building envelope) is the part of any building that physically separates the exterior environment from the building’s interior. The main components that make up the building enclosure are often doors, fenestrations, floors, and walls. The building enclosure’s primary function is to facilitate climate control, maintaining a dry, heated or cooled indoor environment.

The building enclosure’s overall design will heavily influence the amount of cooling, heating, and lighting a building will require. The local climate of the building site will also play a role in determining the design features and other metal building envelope materials and products that will be needed to complete the project effectively. Over the years, innovative ways have been developed to improve the overall building enclosure design, maximizing light and heat efficiency. Choosing between the various types will offer certain advantages and benefits. 

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